CONSULTANTS in internet strategies
Experts en RWD SEO CMS

This TEAM of international FreeLancers (mainly French),
is made up exclusively of experienced professionals at EXPERT level.
For the most part SENIORS with + 20 years of experience, at your service 24/24 7/7 12/12.

You can call on our skills on a permanent or occasional basis,
entrust us with specific localized or global missions.

We respond to all types of projects and needs in our areas of expertise, whatever the level of the challenge and the objectives to be achieved.

We only commit ourselves with the certainty of assuming a successful service in accordance with your conventions.

We will negotiate the amount of the mission on a bilateral basis and invoice according to the results,
PHP MySQL JavaScript Ajax HTML5 CSS3
websites internet, showcase sites, online stores (e-commerce), institutional sites, blogs, applications web or mobile...

RWD [responsive], SEO/SEA [Search Engine Optimization|Search Engine Advertising]
CMS/SGC [Content Management System]
DEVELOPMENT according to the current trilogy [PHP | JavaScript | HTML5 / CSS3]
We work in these native languages, and master all the subtleties to provide the right answers with optimized scripts, guaranteed to be bug-free and universal compatibility.
RWD friendly [Responsive Web Design]
A tailor-made RESPONSIVE, who will respond exactly to the desires and specific, ergonomic and visual needs of the client.
High-performance strategic choices in all versions with guaranteed universal compatibility.
CMS [Content Management System] or SGC [Content Management System]
Personalized BackOffice with simple, functional, fun interfaces and ergonomic.
Updating content in real time: links and integrations, texts (wysiwyg), images, animations, videos, audio, sections or articles,…
SEO [Search Engine Optimization] [Google Ads]
The implementation of a natural, personalized and optimized referencing, using all the "tips" and means available, without any risk of falling into a black list.
We master and know how to dialogue perfectly in harmony with GOOGLE and others, make the right choices and adopt the right strategies.
SEA [Search Engine Advertising]
We advise you on paid SEO strategies and their relevance according to objectives and budgets.
Depending on the language used and the content, we know how to create strategies that can reduce the time required for the complete opening of a page by up to 80%, without loss of quality and of content.
WEBDESIGN web interface design
Interactional architecture, organization of pages, tree structure and navigation in a website
GRAPHIC DESIGN create and harmonize the visuals
Match the project exactly, using all the technologies of infoGraphism [PhotoShop] , WebDesign HTML5 / CSS3 and Responsive website.
Techniques and solutions in all formats: JPG | GIF | PNG | SVG | canvas | WebGL | JPEG 2000 | JPEG XR | WebP ...
MEDIA [HTML5 audio & video WebRTC]
We master many APIs allowing to work and integrate AUDIO VIDEO ANIMATION solutions, … With or without interactivity.
We know how to put together a VIDEO to answer your project while respecting WEB criteria.

Several of our partners and collaborators are professional creators of audio and video media. We thus cover practically all the arts and techniques existing on the WEB.
PLUGIN [Web components]
Our scripts are easily adaptable and usable as PLUGINs which can thus provide new specific, occasional or repetitive, and complementary to all your existing or future projects.

This procedure is of course similar to that of frameWork, libraries, etc., using more or less the same paradigm, to the difference that instead of bringing a generic proposal that will be responsible for compromises to be made, we respond with precision to your specific or permanent needs and to the specific criteria of your projects.
ANNEX. Studies: accommodation & follow-up
CONSULTANT [Collaboration or Partnership]
Studies, technical definition of a project, preparation of the file, evaluation and choice of strategies, setting up CDC, budget frameworks, monitoring and assistance until finalization.
Server administration, integration, management and hosting administration.
Configuration and optimization of the environment according to the technical criteria of the service provider.
TRACKING We are operational and available 24 hours a day 7/7 12/12
On conditions and financial bases to be determined, we take care of the daily monitoring of sites and applications.
Modifications, Updates, Technical support, Advice, Assistance, Maintenance…
Technical principles.
100% NATIVE development, our scripts have universal compatibility in principle.
Original, local and autonomous without any dependence on a FrameWork, library, plugin, CMS, .. .
They can be integrated into any environment.

Structured, debugged, optimized and documented, the originals are delivered uncompressed, therefore in clear language accessible to all WEB professionals. Compressed (or minified) versions can of course also be produced and provided in appendices.

Associated with a 6-month GUARANTEE, against any possible bug or malfunction of our responsibility.
We take care of monitoring, maintenance and respond to any request for intervention.

All our scripts, PlugIns and Apps are in OpenSource, therefore scalable, adaptable and modifiable.
All the procedures they assume can be easily customized for other specificities.
These interventions can be taken care of by us same or any other professional, without any restriction.
You own them, they are white label, you can declare their authority, modify them and use them at will without any constraint or restriction.
We never claim and will never claim any rights or control over the use made with our work.
Financial principles.
Financial agreements are always defined and established before any mission.
We are professionals, everything is negotiable on the basis of reciprocal consistency, on the study of your file or CDC, with a natural logic between our mission and your budget .

Our FreeLance RATES are aligned on a cost equivalent to that of an employee of the same level. (without costs, without charges, without taxes)
With the advantages of a fixed budget determined beforehand, directly indexed to production and results.

On a specific and defined file or CDC, we commit to a fixed price and invoice according to the results.

When the project or file is being created or carried out, we offer you our skills and experience to collaborate in the definition and the technical choices, the assembly and the development of the CDC, while simultaneously committing ourselves to the corresponding solutions and financial aspects.

When it comes to an evolving or random mission, we negotiate with you a financial evaluation on hourly rates, weekly or monthly, and invoice on delivery, time spent,
You will always be in contact with a professional of your nationality, who will be your sole point of contact.

You will be able to personalize your relationship according to your criteria and needs

We only work onLine, [telework]
24/24 7/7 12/12, through all existing means of communication.
You can choose your preferred means of communication.

All our activities and production are visible in real time on our servers.
With confidential access in your personal space, you can follow the progress of the work, check the quality of the service, control compliance with agreements and intervene to make any modifications or additional instructions…

expressing your specific needs
you will be put in direct contact with one or more professionals who meet your exact needs.

... It's FREE and without any commitment on your part.
CONFIDENTIAL. (deontology)
We have been working for 40 years (30 years on the WEB) in "CONFIDENTIAL" mode, as well for WebAgency (in subcontracting), for official bodies or administrations (in anonymous), as for companies looking for reliable answers on specific projects, supervised within deadlines and a defined budget.

We know how to create, if necessary, a team of professionals to cover exactly all the technical, artistic and budgetary aspects of a project width a temporary or permanent need, whatever it is.
We are the GRAPHEIN studios, which was originally a collective (GIE) of artists, graphic designers, photographers, photoengravers, created in 1980 in Paris.
Then, in the 90s, it became an international collective of creators, innovators, artists, infoGraphists, ... working in the digital environment.
Present at the birth of the internet, WEB pioneers, today FreeLancers of all generations and nationalities, work in an international network to offer you their skills online.